As a Certified Professional LifeMastery Coach, with Life Mastery Institute, a Certified EFLC and Mind Body Method™ Coach, with the Academy for Coaching with Horses, and a Medicine Horse Facilitator with the International Academy of Medicine Horses, I listen to understand, teach to bring awareness and inspire through vulnerability and compassionate leadership. I share my unique mastery of transformation processes through the wisdom of my own experiences and education, as well as divinely guided grace. I am devoted to serving heart centered individuals, groups and businesses who are ready to discover and express their unique gifts by offering body/mind/spirit/heart integrated awareness processes for empowerment, leadership, transformation and healing.


Extensive studies of the mind/body/spirit/heart connection through a BA in Biochemistry, decades of experience as a Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner, 3 years education in Acupuncture and Herbology, along with years of study in energy medicine, metaphysics, horsemanship, coaching with horses and plentiful personal growth opportunities that life generously provides have married with my intuitive gifts and nurturing presence to provide a deeply supportive space for my clients. I bring my love of nature and horses, many lifetimes of spiritual practice, and a commitment to personal growth and higher consciousness to my work. My unique journey has provided the perfect curriculum to transform me from a biochemist to alchemist. I am currently embarking on a shamanic journey to become initiated in the ancient Andean lineage of shamanic wisdom of the America’s, endeavoring to embody their wisdom and make it relevant in today’s increasingly complex world.

I have been spiritually connected to horses my whole life, however began my personal journey with them at 40. I currently own and am CEO of Creek Hollow Ranch, Inc. (www.creekhollowranch.com), a large commercial equestrian boarding, training, and event facility in San Diego County that I developed over the last 20 years. My desire is to sell the ranch and devote myself full time to coaching and equestrian pursuits. I own 11 horses from mini’s to XL warmbloods and everything in between. As a business owner/manager, I have spent too many hours behind a desk and not enough time beside and atop my horses, resulting in being a perpetual beginner dressage rider. I am currently partnered with a handsome Dutch buckskin gelding, D’Artagnan, the horse of my dreams. He continues to teach me to be humble and listen to his whispers. I also love to trail ride my comfortable gaited mare, joy ride with my 21 year old Hanoverian broodmare that has taught me everything worth knowing and hang out with the herd.


I have reinvented myself numerous times in my near 60 revolutions around the sun and continue the joyous journey of reinventing myself anew every day. We are all works in progress, perfectly imperfect and always whole and enough just as we are. We are safe, supported and eternally loved. As children of the Divine, we are worthy by birthright and deserve to live lives we love living.

Why not be, do, have,

create and give

everything we desire?