All horses are teachers.

Some horses are healers.

All horses are teachers.

Some horses are Healers.


To accelerate the mastery of human consciousness for the purpose of stewarding long-term, collective well-being and creative evolution – for the planet, for humankind, and for all of nature.


Re-Creation: Partnering with people and horse to create lives of ever increasing freedom, authenticity, empowerment, fulfillment, joy and service. To act as advocate and voice for Horse.

A Horse in Miracles

offering equine facilitated learning and coaching sessions, playshops and retreats

MoonDance Ranch Medicine Horses

offering equine shamanic healing sessions with horses that express the X gene mutation, which codes for a cardiovascular system twice the size of a normal horse

DreamCatcher Coaching

offering life and business/executive coaching

About Us

We offer individuals, groups and businesses the opportunity to experience mind/body/heart/spirit integrated awareness processes for empowerment, leadership, transformation and healing.  My clients create inspired sustainable change and experience greater freedom, authenticity, empowerment, fulfillment, joy and success.

The beauty and magic of our Central California Coastal location holds sacred space for clients to explore the integration of their body/mind/heart/spirit and the wisdom each bring to the whole.

In addition to the powerful equine facilitated sessions, our residential retreats offer comfortable accommodations, delicious organic meals, time for meditation, reflection, and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and beach time. We have a cohesive group of staff and volunteers that work together for the highest good of the horses and clients.

What make us unique is we put the horses first, their way!  Beyond offering our horses the best of fundamental care, the most important thing we give them is access to their true nature.  We give them each other.  We give them space.  We offer them choices.  We give them freedom to be themselves, whether as an individual or in a group.  They tell us when they are ready and willing to work…and we listen.

Our horses are the most important ingredient and are honored for their gifts and willingness to give.

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